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We focus on Quality
Not Quantity
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About Us

Cairns Rentals
Our Service Guaranteed
Cairns Rentals guarantee a personal and premium unmatched Property Management service. Clearly written in black and white so both you the owner and tenant are aware of the level of expectations.
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Our Service To You!

Cairns Rentals has over 30 years combined experience in the home building, project management, maintenance and property detailing markets. We know properties inside and out and what’s involved in keeping your investment in tip top condition ensuring the protection of your long term investment.
Keeping you up to date
we provide a professional personalised friendly one on one service
Peace of mind
We work with you keeping you informed of applications, make our recommendations and at the end of the day you have the final say.
Protection of your investment
Our initial first inspection includes a detailed Preventative Maintenance Inspection Report
Years of Industry Experience
Our unique check list has been developed over several years experience working in the insurance industry
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Contact Us

Contact Us TODAY! - If you are not 100 % satisfied with our service, we will release you from your Management Agreement with NO penalty fees.
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